The Mass R.E. Licensing Course


What is covered

The commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of Real Estate requires that the 40-hour Real Estate course is completed before you can sit for the Real Estate Salesperson Examination. This course is meant to prepare you for the required examination.

The exam for which you are preparing Is broken into two sections:

  1.  General real estate principles and practices
  2. Massachusetts specific knowledge 

 The general portion of the exam covers the following: 

  1. Property ownership
  2. Land use controls and regulations
  3. Valuation and market analysis
  4. Finance
  5. General principles of agency
  6. Property disclosures
  7. Contracts
  8. Leasing and Property Management
  9. Transfer of Title
  10. Practice of real estate
  11. Real estate calculations

The Massachusetts portion of the exam covers the following:

  1. Duties and powers of the Board of Registration of Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons
  2. Licensing requirements
  3. Requirements of governing licensees 
  4. Contracts
  5. Consumer protection laws
  6. Environmental Issues & hazardous materials
  7. Massachusetts Fair Housing laws
  8. Landlord-Tenant law